Smart SMS Features

Now days every small and medium size businesses are using SMS for communication purpose. Using this functionality we can easily communicate with our clients and also able to reach new potential customers.

  • Scheduled SMS facility.
  • Sequence SMS facility: SmartSmsMarketing includes the functionality of sequence messages which is helpful for sending messages to different people at a same time as per our requirements. e.g. Automatically send welcome SMS when you add contacts.
  • We are providing Instant SMS delivery reports, SMS history and SMS queue.
  • You can easily integrate Smart SMS API with your website (Download SmartSMS API Document).
  • Create unlimited groups.
  • Upload unlimited contacts to phonebook.
  • No Additional Setup Cost.
  • Best for Marketing Purpose.
  • Preview of Short SMS facility.
  • Customize various SMS Templates.

All this comes for a very small per SMS cost varying on your usage. Pricing